children playground
New year's gift for the village in georgia
new year's gift to a village in Georgia
Close to Chateau Chapiteau there is a village of Kveda Pona with dozens of kids and no playground to play. We thought why not creating it? Sounds like a great New Year's gift, doesn't it? We presented the idea at the local municipality and got support from the mayor who offered to place the playground where the new school will be built soon. The playground manufacturer ( gave us a very good discount offering a high-quality certified playground made of burnt wood, safe paint and allergen-free components. It's wear resistance and comes with warranty. In the future it will be possible to add various new elements and maintain it in a good condition.

We think it's important to improve life around you when you move to a new place. Making something good for local kids is a good contribution to the future generation of the village.

Let's make it together!

You can support the project starting from $5

How much money we need?
The estimated cost is 7000 USD or 18900 gel
  • 11600 gel for playground
    a high-quality certified wear resistance playground made of burnt wood, safe paint and allergen-free components with warranty. The price already includes a discount from the manufacturer
  • 7300 gEL for a soft coating
    soft coating is costly but necessary to provide safety
  • Delivery and setup is a gift
    the project manufacturer agreed to deliver and set up the playground for free as a contribution to the charity project
  • concrete foundation
    installation requires concrete pouring, which can be done by local authorities (hopefully)
How to transfer money
  • bank of georgia

  • tinkoff
  • usdt (trc20)
  • binance
  • eth
  • paypal
    message us on telegram:
If you want to invest different amount or use other payment method (including cryptocurrency, pastal, maps of other countries) or you want to discuss something else
Please message us on telegram @hundredforone
Kveda pona
the village is located in Kakheti in Lagodekhi area. There are about 40 children in Kveda Pona village and a lot of kids from a local school and a kindergarten come from other villages.

And There's no playground where children can play and socialize.

  • When the playground will be set up?
    We would love to build it for the New Year's if we raise enough money by then.
  • Who will build and manage it? is a project contractor.
    The playground is under warranty. In the future it will be possible to add various new elements and maintain it in a good condition. We will monitor its state and in case of damage will contact the manufacturer or repair it on our own.
  • Where it will be located and who will owe it?
    The playground will be located on the field where the construction of a new school will begin soon. In the future there will be even more children here. We will transfer the playground ownership to local authorities, so it will belong to the school and the state.
  • Why not paying for it yourself?
    Unfortunately currently we do not have an opportunity to invest the required amount since we still haven't fully recovered from the pandemic and the war. The most we can do now is to invest $2,000 plus our organizational resources and connections, thanks to which the installation came out much cheaper.
  • Will you use it too?
    Currently two kids live in Chateau Chapiteau in addition to guests with children often come. We would be more than happy to take kids to a good playground and thus connect with locals instead of living in isolation. It's 15 minutes away from Chapiteau by foot. It seems that this is an important element of life outside the city - to create opportunities for communication with local residents. In the future, we expect to organize an educational center for locals - English lessons, art classes and invite them to us.
  • The deadline
    We need to make a full payment by the end of January providing that manufacturer is ready to install it in December with a minimum prepayment.