Make an investment and collect free days every year at Chapiteau.
By providing us a loan for a year, we will pay back with company shares, letting you enjoy the interest on the loan by using loyalty points described below
How it works
Loan. By purchasing the abovementioned services in our online store, you agree to be bound by the Public Offer Agreement. Please read the agreement carefully when making a purchase. According to this agreement, you give a loan to the joint-stock company for a period of one year. The amount of the loan is paid back in shares, while the interest on the loan is provided in the form of a gift card. Once a year you will be awarded points equal to the average daily room rate multiplied by the number of days booked.
Share registration. To obtain your shares, you can either come to Tbilisi or provide a notarized Power of Attorney. For more details kindly contact us by email at Please mind that the expenses on share registration are on the side of the shareholder (approximately $40).
Number of loans. You can make as many 'purchases' in our magic store as you like at any time. For example, you can purchase an 'eternal day' once a month. A loan agreement will be designed to your name, which can be easily converted into shares under the same procedure.
Shares. Company shares constitute your property and your ownership interest in a joint-stock company. You have the right to present, transfer by succession and sell your shares at any convenient price.
Share Registration Guidelines
We will send you the contract and Articles of Association so that you can get acquainted with the documents.
Both sides will sign the documents and exchange the scanned copies.
We will process the transfer of the title to the shares on your name based on the power of attorney or in person
* Please mind that the expenses on share registration are on the side of the shareholder (approximately $40)
Power of Attorney
You have to notarize the power of attorney, notarize the first page of your international passport and send the documents to Georgia.
In person
Arriving in Tbilisi for one day, you will go to the registrar with us. This procedure takes around 1 hour.
Invest without recourse to loans
If you are ready to make a major investment and/or would refrain from concluding the loan agreement, provided that you can ensure required legal arrangements at the notary or at the registrar in Tbilisi within 2 months, you can acquire company shares immediately and purchase any of the abovementioned services in our magic 'store'.

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