Supporting Vaso's surgery and recovery
Vaso is our neighbour. Due to unfortunate circumstances he has skull bones broken in three places and his left arm is also broken. We managed to find him a great hospital in Tbilisi and he successfully went through the first surgery. Now it's time for the second one and the family don't have enough money. The operation costs 2700 lari (around 1000$). Also Vaso can't work properly because of the injuries and later will need to spend money on some medicines.
Vaso and his family are great friends of ours. They are hard working and friendly people who helped us many times. People in our village make about 30-50 lari per working day (10-17$), they are surviving. 1000$ is a huge amount of money.
We want to help Vaso to cover the expenses and maybe get some extra to compensate the time he cannot look after his household.
Bank of Georgia
Ivan Mitin
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