come and play with us
you are welcome
let's experience our life together
forest cabin
the hut is hidden in thick woods that give shade in hot summer days. There are two beds that can easily be moved together. two windows, a table for work, and little veranda with a chair. it's cool in summer and warm in winter. wc and shower is just 15 meters away.
we have five wooden huts. each has two beds that can be moved together. a little window and unfolding wall that connects the house with a big veranda
circus tents
six circus tents. each has two beds that can be moved together. there is light and sockets.
a small house with a large bright room with a double bed and the possibility of additional accommodation.
in winter it is warm and cozy. the house has its own veranda of wood with a workplace.
eating together is a big thing for us. we get to know each other sitting by the big table. Here the boundaries between people disappear. we have three meals a day. we have our own organic farm and we take crop from there or buy from locals. drink as much tea, coffee as you want. it's all included in the price. you can also buy organic wine from kakheti at our place.
at chateau chapiteau there are always about forty people — team, volunteers and guests. we do a lot of stuff here: cooking, housekeeping, constructing, farming etc. we also have spontaneous parties, picnics, grand openings and closures of the forest bar, campfires, swimming in the river, mountain hikes, pizza-nights and so on. we love it when you join us.
what else
  • come for a day
    you can visit us for a day without sleeping here. we will show you around and invite you for a meal. from 40 gel per person.
  • children
    we love children. it seems that chapiteau is the paradise for them. children from one to seven only 30 gel a day.
  • discounts
    for longer stay we will offer some discount.
  • two nights minimum
    we think that to fully get the chapiteau experience you need to stay here for two nights minimum.