Hundred to one

Project to support ukranian refugees

Join us in supporting Ukrainian refugees in Georgia:

We have the place for hosting people in Georgia and want to bring up to 30 Ukrainians to us, providing them with everything they need, including money, accommodation and food.

Like many, we want to save millions. But we don't know how. This idea was getting in our way, and at a certain point we felt that the value of one life was getting lost behind these big goals. So we decided to focus on supporting one person, together with you, as much as possible. Or maybe two. Or even three. We can fit 30 people in total.

People are fleeing Ukraine and trying to stay in Europe, because there they will get refugee status, benefits, housing and more. But, unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer resources and it is becoming more and more difficult to do so. We constantly hear stories of people wandering from house to house for weeks, looking for shelter, and volunteers no longer have the energy to support them all the time. We want to invite people to our place in Georgia and provide as many needs as possible. This way we will help people significantly and reduce the burden from others.

In order to help a Ukrainian refugee, we need $1000 per month per person.

That person will receive:

A pocket money of $500 per month. The person needs a sense of financial freedom and independence. This money he/she will spend on his/her own. In our experience, people spend part of it on individual needs, a substantial part of it is sent to the ones they need to support, so that the help does not remain in one hands, but is distributed where help is the most needed.

Free accommodation in a therapeutic environment: in a beautiful glamping in the countryside in Georgia. Magical forest, mountains, two rivers, glades and fields, orchards. The project creating this special place is called Chateau Chapiteau. We own 12 hectares of land, village houses, communal lounge, showers and toilets, huts and rooms, workshop, organic farm.

Healthy meals: three meals a day, many meals tailored to individual needs, produce from our own farm. Tea, coffee, lemonades, milk and goodies freely available throughout the day.

Tickets and arrival arrangements. We will help you get to us, pay for tickets, meet you in Georgia and take you to Chateau Chapiteau.

Organizational issues as well as with individual questions. We connect refugees with the right people, assist in banking, mobile phones, doctors. We also are open for them to become part if the project Chateau Chapiteau.

Community support. Team, volunteers and other guests - all willing to support emotionally or otherwise, babysit children and so on. Leisure activities: movies, games, campfire, hiking, sharing experiences, etc.

Employment. In return for this help, we ask the person to volunteer five hours a day for the benefit of the community. Living, cooking, farming, building, dog shelter, arts and crafts, etc. It's important not to be too separate, it's important for the psychological health and to do good in return.

We are ready to host people in this way for the next six months, if we can raise the funding. We have a total of thirty places available. We won't make any profit, but it's important that we cover our expenses.

The project is called 'one hundred to one'. It is difficult for one person to find $1000 every month to help another. But if there were a hundred of them, each person would only spend $10. We have gathered over 100 people who are willing to support each month. Thanks to them, we already have two sisters from Ukraine coming.

How to support?

So far we are working in manual mode. We hope to find a more automated method in the near future. The main way of communication and organization of processes so far in -- telegram


Step 1: You decide how much you would like to transfer each month.

Step 2:. Pay this amount immediately or contact us first in telegram.

Step 3: Tell us the amount, feel free to spread a supportive word or two, and anything else you would like to say -- how much you could donate each month, etc. We will be in touch with you with updates via telegram in the future.

If you'd like to make a one-time donation, post it too. If you have any questions or if you'd like another way to donate, too, don't hesitate to email us at

Thank you!


Bank of Georgia card:

Card number: 4116340084189466

Account number: GE56BG0000000101176040

Beneficiary's name: Ivan Mitin


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If you can't transfer to Georgian bank or crypto, you can send it to Tinkoff:

4377 7314 5038 6922 Ivan Mitin

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