chateau chapiteau presents

Charity Castle

Let's build a house to rent out.
half of the revenues will always go to charity
small things matter
We build a coliving and a hotel in a distant Georgian village. Here life goes on with it's joys and griefs. In two years that we are here we've learned what local people's life is about, what are their demands. They helped us a lot, invited to their homes, served food. We want to give back and start a program that supports neighbours and environment. We will build
a house(s) to rent out and half of the revenues from booking will go for public goods. Children playground, educational programs, medical care and so on. We want to ease people's lives, embrace mutual understanding, remove social inequality.
You can support the project starting from $10
how do we spend money?
supporters will vote for projects to support and distribute their shares among them. you can support few at the same time. for example:
  • Ukrainian refugees house rent in tbilisi
    lots of Ukrainians has to flee through russia and then georgia. they need a temporary home in the city. we already rent a house and see a huge demand for that.
  • building a playground in the village
    we have many kids playing in the streets in our village, a kindergarten and a school., but not a single modern playground.
  • support for local school and kindergarten
    helping local school with new furniture, equipment and refurbishment, buying toys for kindergarten etc.
  • launching an education center
    free English course for all audiences, supplementary education for teenagers, computer literacy courses, etc.
  • repairing houses and buying household appliances for elderly residents
    Many local residents have little means to improve their daily lives. There are easy ways to help them, like installing gas supply, buying a stove or a washing machine, repairing a leaky window or buying a new mattress.
  • environmental programme
    buying plastic recycling machinery and organizing a recycling center to prevent plastic from ending up in local streams. or buying a land plot for growing the highly valuable and red-listed caucasian wingnut trees — we have one of the largest wingnut groves in the world.
We already know hundreds of local residents and are aware of their daily needs, as well as local context.
Our aim is to realize the potential and cater to the needs of local people and nature.
we plan to rent this castle out for $70 a night (three meals included) for two.
it can generate Around $15.000 a year per guesthouse at 60% booking rate.
  • fund budget
    half of the revenue ($7500/year) will go to charity fund. donators will vote what public good to support
  • chateau chapiteu*
    another half of income will go to chateau chapiteau to cover the maintenance — salaries, food, utilities etc
*This scheme will allow Chateau Chapiteau to cover the current costs and generate a small benefit
(about $180 monthly) to be able to support and improve the project. Big part of money goes to local people — salary etc.
A castle that grows
modular extensions can easily be added to the main structure. the architectural concept allows to make the castle operational within three weeks during summertime. insulation and paneling can be added later, when the castle is already inhabited. New modules can grow around the living space which is designed as extendable from the start.

Base equipment:
— penthouse bedroom
— kitchen/storage room
— room

second module:
— separate bedroom

third module:
— shower/bathroom

+ sunshade with garden furniture
construction cost is:
your investment gives you the right to vote, as well as a chateau chapiteau certificate for 2023 (hotel+meals).
Minimal investment: 1 vote out of 1000.
5 votes
+ $10 certificate
10 votes
+ $20 certificate
25 votes
+ $50 certificate
50 votes
+ $120 certificate
100 votes
+ $280 certificate
250 votes
+ $660 certificate
500 votes out of 1000
+ $1500 certificate
If you are willing to invest a different amount or use a different payment means (cryptocurrencies, PayPal and so on), have a question or an idea to discuss please PM us via Telegram: @hundredforone
charity castle was invented by our friends from kosmos architects. together, we have studied the local style, materials and possible construction techniques, and have found the best option in terms of costs, speed and complexity of construction. We are able to build one such house in 1-2 months.
charity castle will be part of Chateau chapiteau project in Georgia. We already have all the infrastructure required for accommodating guests.

  • What's the project lifespan?
    Same as Chateau Chapiteau's. And the project mission is the same as well — benefitting the community, our neighbors and our environment. That's why we're interested in having a collective and benevolent investor whose interests align with ours.
  • Who will expand the construction, and at whose costs?
    Once we build the first set and field test the project, we'll know the project's real requirements and thus will be able to decide whether we need to expand it. We may finance its expansion out of our income or launch an additional crowdfunding campaign.
  • How will it be formalized legally?
    For all the investments below $200, no formal procedure is established. Your contribution will count as part of the proceeds, ensured by the reputation of the project and its founder, Ivan Mitin. Investments over $200 can be formalized as buying shares, thus making you a shareholder of Chateau Chapiteau Joint Stock Company registered in Georgia. In order to do that, you will need to visit the registrar office in Tbilisi (registry fee is 40$).
  • How do we select the projects to support?
    We will be offering different options of partners and ideas for spending money. Vote rights owners will also be able to propose options and vote for them, with number of votes of each owner depending on the amount invested. We'll establish a system for proposal selection that will require reaching a threshold of community support for ideas to be put to common vote.
  • How many houses will be built?
    We are ready to build up to 7 houses. For now, we're raising funds for the first one. The more money we'll be able to raise at once, the faster and cheaper the construction will be due to optimized building materials procurement and efficient construction planning. If the idea takes off, we'll gladly expand it to other types of housing, including ones beyond Chateau Chapiteau and Georgia.
  • What if we fail to raise the money?
    We'll come up with several options for funds transfer to other charity projects, e.g. renting housing for Ukrainian refugees in Tbilisi.
  • What if Chateau Chapiteau shuts down?
    In case of project shutdown, its property will be sold. The price of the house will be estimated from the total property sell price, and the money will be transferred to other charity organization or used for launching a similar project elsewhere.