Come here to make your contribution to the project: take care of animals,
work at the farm, cook, help with the housework, enjoy wood crafting,
create art objects and much more!
We have already hosted 200 people
from 30 different countries!
What volunteers
There are always plenty of things which need to be done. We are searching for people who can help us with carpentry, construction, electricity, gardening, art projects, furniture restoration, taking care of animals, creating videos, taking and editing photos and much more.

In the volunteer team, the work is divided into circles, with each circle focusing on a specific area: kitchen, farm, hospitality, animal care, recycling, construction. In most cases, we see where we lack volunteers before we offer to join one of the circles. Working in circles can be combined with other activities if volunteers wish to gain new skills.

Construction circle is one of the biggest we have as the project is growing every day and we want to build more places for the community to live in. As a result, members of this circle assist with ongoing building projects and smaller restorations, as well as carpentry, construction, woodworking, electricity, etc. It’s good to have experience in building who know how to use different tools:to rewire, weld, work with wood and earth bags.
Volunteers in this circle help us with housekeeping: to keep the community spaces cozy and clean, there are a lot of maintenance tasks every day. No special skills are needed: you can clean, do laundry, wash the dishes. Sometimes we also ask volunteers to give small tours to newcomers. Every little bit helps: multitasking people ready to give a hand are always welcome.
We have a big farm, so we always need a helping hand. It's great if you have organic farming experience or would like to learn more about it and are passionate about this idea. You can pull out the weeds, plant, reap the harvest, tie plants or prepare vegetable beds. The help needed during the season: from March-April to September.
People who work at the farm are always needed as they take care of all of us by preparing great vegetarian and vegan meals. Volunteers help with preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner, going to the market together to buy fresh ingredients. The harvesting season is also the time when we make jam from fruits and berries and pickle vegetables.
animal care
In Chapiteau we take care of animals, so we feed them every day and clean spaces where they live. We have dogs, chickens and cats.
We want to create projects without damaging local ecosystems. We ensure environmental compensation by consuming locally, recycling, reducing packaging waste and using eco-friendly materials. In a recycling circle, trash is sorted and prepared for recycling or being reused. Also, we have an upcycling area where we can use what we have to create something interesting.
How it works
How to get to Chapiteau
Volunteers get to Chapiteau by bus or taxi by themselves, detailed instructions are provided when we invite volunteers to join our team.

Where to live
We offer accommodation in Village houses 10-15 minutes walk from the main area. In houses there are several rooms for 3-4 people where we accommodate volunteers, common space, shower (inside, with cold and hot water) and toilet (outside). Bedsheets, pillows, blankets, and towels are provided to volunteers, along with normal and bunk beds.

Volunteers can also stay in their own tents on the Chateau's grounds.

How to work
We expect the volunteers to work at least 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. We are happy to welcome people for a three-week stay or a longer time period. There are always tasks pending. besides, you can choose less urgent assignments or suggest a project of your own.

What else to do
We usually arrange parties, hiking trips, movie nights, games and many other fun activities. After staying here, volunteers become our close friends.

Volunteers about us
I want to be a volunteer
Contact us at:

via telegram: @Volunteering_chapiteau
via workaway: https://www.workaway.info/en/host/692951832492

Our Volunteers Coordinator will be happy to provide you with more information on how to apply when you send us a message with a short introduction and the arrival date.

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