Come here to make your contribution to the project: take care of animals,
work at the farm, cook, help with the housework, enjoy wood crafting,
create art objects and much more!
We have already hosted 150 people
from 25 different countries!
What volunteers
We have a to-do list: to build the bridge, to repair the donkey's house, to decorate the chicken
coop. We clean, provide the buildings with winter insulation, place the furniture, split the
firewood, collect garbage and so on.
Currently we need volunteers with experience in building who know how to use different tools:
to rewire, weld, work with wood and earth bags.
Every little bit helps: multitasking people ready to give a hand are always welcome. No special skills are needed: you can cook, clean, wash the dishes, take care of animals, help the builders or
work in the garden, etc.
We have a big farm, so we always need a helping hand. It's great if you have organic farming
experience or would like to learn more about it and are passionate about this idea. You can pull
out the weeds, plant, reap the harvest, tie plants or prepare vegetable beds.
Content creators
We have so much going on worth sharing! You can take photos, make creative videos,
documentaries or interviews, write a cool post on Instagram – that's up to you.
How it works
How to come here
Volunteers get to Chapiteau by themselves.

Where to live
We offer accommodation in shared rooms for four people or in a tent camp. Shower and toilet facilities are provided. We eat together three times a day, with meals mostly based on the products grown by ourselves.

How to work
We expect the volunteers to work at least 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. We are happy to welcome people for a two-week stay or a longer time period – up to infinity. There are always tasks pending; besides, you can choose less urgent assignments or suggest a project of your own.

What else to do
We usually arrange parties, hiking trips, movie nights, games and many other fun activities. After staying here, volunteers become our close friends.
Volunteers about us
why they are here now and
what does this experience mean for them
I've already spent almost two years in Georgia, and I feel truly free here. Chapiteau is a dream
project, a place where you can actually do anything you want: play the piano in the forest,
grow plastic flowers, take care of roosters, cats, dogs and donkeys, like in the 'Town Musicians
of Bremen' story — and engage in the activities surrounded by amazing people. This is why
I'm here.
This is my first volunteering experience. And it's incredible. I learn to bake bread, split the
firewood – I almost believe that I'll survive in the wild. Compared to spending winter in Saint
Petersburg, this experience is a thousand times better: you enjoy the nature and amazing new
I stayed at Château Chapiteau for about 3 weeks in August 2020. In that time, there was a lot of work in the garden. So I have been collecting a lot of tomatoes, eggplants, physalis… as well as digging and weeding job. I also tried to help in the kitchen. Each day is different at CC, people are coming and going, there are plenty of different ways to help and make yourself useful. I love the trust and freedom they offer you here to manage your time and so to feel involved in the community while enjoying the amazing nature around. I really appreciated my time here! As much as for the spirit of the place as for the people. I met very creative, genuine and kind people. I feel lucky to have been part of the team even for such a small time. Finally, the last but not the least, homemade yummy food every day!
In here, it's really interesting. I like projects with creative people, the daring and crazy ones,
their inspiring ideas: contact improvisations, fairs, all the creative stuff. I consider myself being
a down-to-earth materialist, but I like these vibes a lot, it's cool. I love to travel, and I've met my
'type' of people here.
I want to be a volunteer
Contact us at:

Send us your story, attach some photos and social media links. Tell us about the things you can do, your assignment preferences, the arrival date and the estimated duration of your stay.