chapiteau village

Your house with a garden in an international community
Become our neighbor
Your own 500+ square meters fruit garden with a beautiful mountain
views, near the river and the forest.
We will plant it for you.
We will build you a comfortable house. Enjoy a great communal infrastructure 24/7 access to the magic forest, community hall, cafe etc.
When you are away, rent it out through us. We have operating hotel already, a huge flow of tourists, and infrastructure that grows.
Imagine waking up in your own house in the middle of a fruit garden. Murmuring river, fresh mountain breeze and shady forest.
Around you are like-minded people, your kids have lots of friends, you enjoy other people's company. There are interesting events, good tea&coffee, organic local food, banya... New open people from all over the world just a couple of minutes away from your private house!
join the existing community and enjoy the infrastructure
Chateau Chapiteau is an already existing international community-owned co-living in the Republic of Georgia.
We focus on bringing the sense of belonging, appreciation of nature, rational decision making, joy, creativity and happy parenting.
We already have a good base: 12 hectares, community hall, restaurant, 20 cabins, banya, workshop, organic farm, dedicated team and 300+ community members from
15 countries who invested into the project.
This is just a beginning — our goal is to create self-sustainable little town that is developing by the community of co-owners.

35 land plots with amazing views, connection to the river. communal pavilion for yoga, events and tea parties, food forest, playground
and a beach.

chapiteau's infrastructure grows
100 meters away
  • $10 sq/m
    The price of a non-agricultural land
    is $10 per square meter. foreigner can own it.
  • $27.000+
    The cost of a house you can build with us. We have different projects to offer.
  • utilities
    Electricity, gas, road. Your own well and bio septic.
  • 50/50
    Revenue split if you decide to rent with us. Return in 7 years. ROI 12-14% based on 1 year
    of real experience
Become an owner of your own property. The land is non-agricultural,
meaning that foreigner could also own it.
Live with us. Rent through us. Work with us.
Amazing views
Soon it will become a cozy village

legal work
  • 1
    down payment
    Choose the size of your land plot, pay 50% of the land price. We start to get separate cadaster code for your land.
  • 2
    cadastral code
    When we get a cadastral code, you pay a second part and we transform the down payment into a land plot.
  • 3
    shares of chateau chapiteau
    You will get shares of our company equal to 10% of the land price you paid as a gift from our side.
  • 4
    choosing a house
    While we are getting cadastral codes, you choose the house you want to build and we sign the agreement for the construction of the house.
We want to build a beautiful modern village with the common style.

To achieve that we have organised our own construction company and chose contractors that we've already worked together. we've built 12 houses by ourselves already.

We don't want every house to look the same but we will also have to limit the amount of variations to keep the style and make construction efficient.

We work with a prefab factory, meaning that the house will arrive almost ready within a couple of months and will be assembled within days.
this is not just a house
  • community
    Don't be alone. Enjoy new connections, share experiences, raise kids together, have fun and support each other
  • operating team
    Chateau Chapiteau has the dedicated team that not only looking after the magic forest but can lend a hand to you
  • magic forest
    You get 24/7 access to magic forest that belongs to the project
  • city atmosphere
    Just few steps away is the community hall where you can enjoy great crowd, good coffee and food.
  • entertainment
    Small and big events, educational programs. Kid's entertainment (with potential to create a school)
  • clean food, water and air
    Farm and garden provide us with fresh organic food, as well as water from the spring and fresh air from mountains

business opportunity
Invest into a hotel unit that will be your private property that you give us for the management

50/50 revenue split

For example, The Lighthouse for $77k
Occupancy rate: 58%
Average night price: $120. You get $60
Annual income before profit tax: $12k
EBITDA in 7 years: $84k
ROI: 15%

where is it
Our land is situated in the north-east of Kakheti in Lagodekhi protected area, close to Kveda Pona village.

Village 3.5 hectares,
Hotel 9 hectares
140 km from Tbilisi, 2 hours
(new highway in 2026)
Subtropical / Continental

Winter temperature averages -1/ +8
Summer temperature averages +22 / +38
Mountains, rivers, waterfalls
You will find marvelous trees, a twisty river and splashing springs resounding with the
songs of birds. We have 7 ha of forest and 5 ha of fields. A national park with waterfalls, rivers,
and mountain lakes is located in close proximity, and a breathtaking view on the Caucasus
mountains opens up in front of you.

You can enjoy above-zero temperature almost all year round. It takes two hours to reach us from
Tbilisi, following a picturesque route while crossing the Alazani valley and visiting interesting places on the way.
What we are planning to create
  • real chateau as a main community space
  • event halls for amazing things
  • organic farm
  • coworking space
  • restaurant
  • workshops
  • Kids area and education center
  • exhibition space
  • spa
  • more hotel rooms
  • Fairytale forest
  • Walkways-bridges-lanterns
buy your dream:
talk to the founder
vanya mitin
founder of chateau chapiteau